What to do in case of an accident...

If an accident results in death, injury or property damage, the police will be called and an investigation will be commenced. The crimes with which you could be charged include imprudence, a type of criminal negligence, as well as crimes such as driving under the influence.

A representative from the Public Prosecutor's Office, called Ministerio Publico, will come to the scene of the accident and may ask you to make a statement. While you have the right not to make any statement, it is often advantageous to do so. You have the right to have a person you trust represent while you are questioned. This could be a friend, relative or a lawyer. If you do not make this choice, you are giving up an important right. If you are a United States citizen and do not know anyone and do not have a lawyer, name the American Consul and ask the officers to contact the American Consulate.

Property Damage Alone
If the accident results in property damage alone, when the police arrive at the scene, they may ask the parties to attempt to arrive at a settlement of the damages. If this is possible, both parties sign an agreement and your vehicle will be released at the scene. 

All Mexican insurance policies require that you report the accident to the insurance adjuster/claims service center before you leave Mexico.

Do you know what to do if you're flagged down by the POLICE for a “violation”? Read this now.

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