The surf here goes OFF!

Here are some surfing pics taken at, and nearby Las Gaviotas.

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Jeremy S sent this one in

Check out this aerial video by Jeff, owner of #36 Las Picudas,
using his DJI Phantom drone & GoPro!


Dylan F looks like he's having fun!
Gotta love these sequence shots of Dylan F.
This photo, and the other 6 above, were all sent in by Dylan F.
Thanks so much for sharing!
Troy E sent us this photo of James E .... SHREDDING!
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Thanks to Daniel F for sending this on in!

Las Gaviotas going OFF!


And when the surf is small, just go Stand Up Paddleboarding! (Thanks for the clip, Joe.)
Looks like it was WELL overhead at takeoff!!



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Las Gaviotas surf trip group

A fun day of medium-size surf.

Mark Campbell surfing at Las Gaviotas

Local Max on a big day, (or should I say LOCO Max).

A view of the beach.

Getting ready to WALL up again.

Last surf of the day.

Pepe. He made it, (as usual!)

Max at the end of another good one.

Mike waiting getting ready for it to WALL up again.

Mike was one of just FOUR guys out all morning.

Max, Alex & Pepe. (We're gonna have to remove this photo when one of them sees it!)

The Las Gaviotas surf is fun - ask Mark Campbell!


Another surfing pic from Las Gaviotas Joe Moer surfing at Las Gaviotas

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